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Architecture is in constant repetition, it re-enacts its own body in order to (re) create itself. It is repeated typologically. It is repeated materially. It repeats itself in its most basic details of construction, in the brick, in the window, in the staircase … it is repeated in the building itself, in the surrounding buildings, in different cultures, places, worlds. It repeats itself in the structure, the grids, the metrics, the layers, the floors. It repeats itself in the way it constructs the city, the street, the urban fabric. The thought about the modes of repetition that we absorb in the symmetry of a plant or an elevation is reflected in the spatial experience of the design.

Perhaps the repetition of an architectural object can have two meanings, since the constituent elements may be repeated each other, building rhythms by marking distances, even before repeating the condition that makes building, the re-enactment of dwelling. About the image of itself, a replica and an original, in equal measure. Perhaps it is even in this duality that the new appears.

Repetition can be understood as a design strategy and in this case it gave place to the curatorial moto.


Bruno Cidra (Sem título, 2017)

Os Espacialistas (Corpo Móvel, 2017)

Inês Teles (Blinds, 2017, Blinds #2, 2017)

Nuno Pimenta (Unless (Rhythm of Twenty), 2017)

João Araújo e Rita Huet (Additive Subtractions, 2017)

Ana Vidigal (Projeto para Memória Descritiva, 2013-2014)

André Cepeda (Forma #7, Brooklyn, NY, 2016)

Title Rhythm of Distances: Propositions for the Repetition Exhibition Curator Andreia Garcia Works P6 Ana Vidigal, André Cepeda, Bruno Cidra, Inês Teles, João Araújo e Rita Huet, Nuno Pimenta, Os Espacialistas Design Studio Dobra Organization Porto Lazer Local Galeria Vertical, Silo Auto Dates 17.11.2017 – 04.03.2018

Andreia Garcia (Guimarães, 1985) is a Portuguese, Porto-based architect, curator, researcher and consultant of architecture, design and urban scenography. Founder of Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs, she has specialized in the dissemination of architecture through research, curatorial practice and editorial projects.


She was project coordinator of Smaller Cities and project manager of the Creative Landscape projects in Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture .
Andreia was curator of Theatro Circo de Braga leading the Projeto Memória which celebrated the theatre’s centenary and launch the book O Theatro e a Memória with her editorial coordination. She was editorial and programme coordinator of the Portuguese Representation of the XXI Triennale di Milano. Since 2016 she has co-founded, with Diogo Aguiar, the Galeria de Arquitectura, an independent space dedicated to the architecture thinking, in Porto.


In 2017, she assumes the curatorship of the architecture program for the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Maia and is invited to think two exhibitions for the Galeria Vertical, in Silo Auto of Porto.


She received her Architecture MSc diploma at the Faculty of Architecture of Beira Interior University in 2008, and her Architecture PhD diploma at Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University in 2015, that received the Professor Manuel Tainha Prize for the best PhD thesis in Architecture of 2014/2015. In 2017 Andreia is launched her first book as an author entitled Espaço Cénico, Arquitectura e Cidade (Scenic Space, Architecture and City) by Caleidoscópio editors.



Andreia Garcia . principal . senior architect founding partner and curator

Margarida Antunes (2018-) . head of production

Clara Puentes (2018-) . architect

Cecilia Carrioli (2019-) . architecture intern

Martzel Arriaga (2019-) . architecture intern



Former Collaborators

Clara Asperilla (2018) . architecture intern

Inés Brotons (2017) . architecture intern



Premis FAD | Selected, Interiorismo
Prudêncio Studio

Manuel Tainha’ Professor Award | Award
Best Architecture PhD thesis 2014/2015



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